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An Expression in Tree Branches

The figures I sculpt are born in the forest. The wind, soil, and water come together and shape the tree's growth, which forms the unique personality of each piece. Windy and dry areas birth trees that are twisty, whereas wet and dense forests feature trees that are bigger and straighter. Each sculpture reflects the feel of the forest it came from.

My tools and techniques allow me to travel and sculpt anywhere, so I can explore different forests for a variety of tree branches. From the coast of Oregon, to the high Aspen forests of Wyoming, to the sparse farmland of Oklahoma, my nomadic sculpting is the way I interact with and express the mood of the many areas I travel.

Organic Design

My work is a collaboration between myself and the forest, as I harvest branches and use their natural shapes to bring the figures to life. The design process unfolds slowly as each new branch is attached, so my role is equal parts artist and observer.

Click on the image below to follow the journey of this piece and learn more about how it came to life.

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